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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  June 24, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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going on now. elkton is sliding in over the delaware border. we're also looking at showers and thunderstorms around ocean city. if you're heading there this evening, watch out for the renegade thunderstorm. things will be better into time. we have the severe watch into effect until 8:00 p.m. this evening. things will be improved into tomorrow and sunday. the visible satellite isn't picking up much now. we had a good day on tap for most people. the temperature is coming in at 85 degrees. as we go into the rest of the evening, temperatures are still in the 80s. i'm going to have your seven- day forecast, that's all coming up. students at annapolis sailing club are struggling with the loss of a 14-year-old
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classmate. the 14-year-old drowned when her two person sailboat capsized yesterday. the boat's rigging caught her harness and trapped her for three minutes. attempts to save her were unsuccessful. today, the classmates are stunned and upset. i would like to mainly express the grief and concern for the loss of one of our member's children and the words fail me as how sad i am personally and how sad our club is. >> the police say that the drowning looks like a freak and tragic accident. with the weather we're expecting, many of you will hit the water. everyone who goes out on a boat needs to be safe. joce sterman has more on what's
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being planned. operation dry water is in full effect. officers are targeting high accident areas where booze and boating have been a problem in the past. the police will be running the show drought the state cracking down on drunk boater. more officers than usual will be on the water as part of the operation. that's part of a national program that started today and runs through sunday. boating and alcohol are a bad mix according to the dnr. booze is contributing to 18% of the accidents in 2010. >> it's like driving under the influence on the road. boating under the influence can be dangerous and it puts your life and others at risk. >> reporter: keep in mind, you're not just risking an accident. if you're caught drinking while driving a boat, you could pay a $1000 fine and potentially spend a year in jail.
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tonight, a grand jury indicted a man for hitting two johns hopkins students in may. according to the police,the students were walking across the street when hit. green is awaiting an initial court appearance. a man convicted of killing a frederick taxicab driver will spend his life in prison. robert lee murphy was sentenced yesterday. the body was found in his cab in baltimore. he picked up the last fair for what was supposed to be a one mile trip. a 19-year-old woman admits she made a pornographic video of an 8-year-old she was baby sitting. she showed the video to the girl's mother who a called the
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police. she'll have to register as a sex offender and she'll go to prison. the police officer knocked off the jfx has been updated from critical to serious condition. she's undergone several surgeries. she was standing near a disabled car tuesday waiting for it to be towed and another car hit her car and sent her below. a viewing is held now for the baltimore city firefighter recruit for who's body was found sunday. rodney goggins disappeared over the memorial day weekend. he was a true leader and an acceptional student. his viewing is tonight in randallstown and runs until 8:00 tonight. >> >> if you're depriving a-- if
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you're driving along i-95 next week, don't be surprised if you see a large airplane heading for you. it's from nasa to measure pollution in the area. >> reporter: coming soon to your morning and afternoon commute in the baltimore area. low flying planes buzzing overhead. they're measuring exhaust and other emissions. it's a project that nasa says the information can be used from space. >> the satellites out there now give us some qualitative information about the air quality at the surface. it's difficult to observe from space what's going on at the surface. >> reporter: this stretch of i- 95 ranks among the top 20 smoggiest areas in the country. nasa can then determine what
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steps are necessary to eliminate the emissions in the region. the prospect of the turbo, flying corkscrews above i-95 and the beltway could catch the motorists off guard. >> we hope it won't be able to shock people. nasa is concerned about that. we're making a major effort to inform the public about it. all of the necessary authorities have been notified. >> reporter: nasa has scheduled trial flights for tuesday of next week with 14 days of flying to follow threw the month of july. the nasa organization cleared the flights and it's notified homeland security and the maryland state police. high message boards will also alert the drivers. well, the cordish company
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is looking for a break in rent at two city owned properties. the company wants to rent lowered $3 million. in exchange, it would add between $6,000,000.9 million in improvements. the site could be the new home of phillip's seafood restaurant. listen to this great deal from brick bodies. they're giving free six month memberships to mediate pam -- immediate family members of those deployed overseas. mayor stephanie rawlings- blake is going to announce her run for mayor and senator barbara mikulski will be there. they say that she's the right person to move baltimore forward. this is going to happen monday.
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tomorrow, elijah cummings will host a foreclosure prevention workshop. it will help people get information they need to keep their homes. it will also help those looking to refinance their homes. new trouble tonight for those who bought martha stewart's line of patio furniture. glass patio tables are shattering and why you won't get help from the manufacture and what you can do. and a dog escapes from his yard and runs part of a half marathon. it looks like he has shoes. how the owners are using the stunt to help a good cause. that's so cute, rosie. today, we made it up to 87 degrees. we forecasted 89 degrees.
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we were spot on. we looked at donaldwooton. you won an abc2 news umbrella. we'll have the forecast and beyond, stay with us.
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after 9:00. there are more problems with martha stewart's line of patio furniture. five years after a reported on a potential hazard with martha stewart patio furniture, it's making head lines again. two patio tables shattered unexpectedly over the weekend. i heard this explosion of glass. i thought someone was breaking in. she's one of hundreds who's table shattered without warning. all that was left was the frame and thousands of tiny pieces. news reports from raleigh and denver reported similar table explosions. there's never been any recalls.
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these tables were sold at can -- k mart. the manufacturer is now out of business and k mart no longer carries the line. martha stewart says she has no connection with the tables. keep the tables outs -- out of the hot summer and don't put weight on it. go to and click on the money tab on top. well, college graduation season is over. some are having a hard time landing a first job and several may be moving back home with you. time magazine came up with hints. first, make sure they don't get too comfortable. set ground rules like who will do the cooking and cleaning and no boyfriends and girlfriends
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over. you may not want to charge them rent, but make sure they're helping out. make time tables and goals that you can both chart. use the opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your adult child. there's new information college interns have to check out. many of the free internships should be paid. six things are required to have free interns. you can find the six under the money tab on finances. in about 40 minutes, jay reed is going for his 5th straight win on jeopardy. winning streak began on monday. you can see if it will carry in tonight at 7:00. a reisterstown family
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shared -- shared their story shared -he viewd their story a past medical condition stood in the way from their efforts to have -- to start a family. their surrogate mother was her 55-year-old mom. >> we moved forward in faith and my 55-year-old mother was able to do what i couldn't do at 25. she got pregnant and not only that, all three of the embryos we put in took root and became our babies. >> the couple's childrens are 6 years old. they tell anyone who are having troubles, don't give up and one day, they'll be parents, too. tomorrow, the children of this school in haverty grace will see if their work will pay off. they've built their own canoes.
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they're putting the finishing touches on their boats. don't name them titanic. good luck! they'll put them in at the susquehanna river. and you know what? it wasn't a bad day to be on the river today. we're looking at old glory now. the temperature is 84 degrees and the humidity is dropping. the wins out of the northwest at 14 miles per hour. we have gusts up to 20. barometer is at 29.68. look at mount airy. we have a sufficient amount of clouds and we have an amount of sunshine across the area as well. everything equaled out. the radar isn't picking up on a lot. the one storm pushed over the delaware line. that's good news.
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we're still looking at a few showers into ocean city. hopefully, that will fizzle out soon. as we go into the rest of the seasoning, we shouldn't rule out an isolated shower. that cold front is knocking on the doorstep as we look at the temperatures into hagerstown and winchester, the front passed the area. 84 into baltimore and 81 in bullless and charlottesville at 85 degrees. the temperatures are slowly and surely trying to drop. the moisture levels dropped the dew points are moving down into the 50s. it's pushing into the atlantic. that's all of the green, humid air we're dealing with and we'll feel nice into the weekend. so, good news to deliver to you on this friday. our highs made it up to 87 degrees in baltimore today. more into easton and blooming
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ton at 88 degrees. we're looking at the highs for tomorrow in the neighborhood. what do we have here. riverside at 86 degrees and partly cloudy skies. i'm going to call it a sun/cloud mix. fells point at 85 degrees and the big story is that we won't be as humid. that's what we like to feel as well. the satellite and radar isn't picking up on a lot. back in northwestern pennsylvania, you can see the counterclockwise spin dealing with showers into the area. all in all, things will start to improve. you know why. cold front is pushing into the area and we'll usher in cooler air and less humid air and tomorrow, the high pressure will do its thing into sunday. then, we'll see change in the forecast as we head into next week. in the meantime, we're going to live it up and put on future castor here, we'll show you
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what we're talking about and we'll have a few clouds tomorrow and into sunday. maybe that's also into monday. we'll get wet weather. overnight, the temperatures are come anything around 65-degree and we'll be nice and seasonable out there. by tomorrow, 85 degrees and tomorrow night, the temperature will be around 60-degree and decreasing clouds and cooler. as we check out the forecast, big story, the weekend. we like to see this, less humid and 85, 87 by monday. we have the chance for showers and thunderstorms to work in. the humid may creep in and of course -- the humidity may creep in and of course, you like it so you're not worried. >> well, check this out. you'll love this story. a dog named dozer escaped from his owner's yard and he ended
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up running most of maryland marathon. that was the youtube video. the officials honored dozer with a medal. even though he was a -- well, there he is! his family set up a fund raising page. he's raised $13,000 for if university of maryland's cancer center. you can find a link on and maybe he'll get an official entry next year. in tonight's consumer alert. an important recall for parents. about 898,000 children's pain drops are being recalled. the recall involves rugby drops. well, best buy is planning on becoming a one stop shop
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l.a. times reports that they'll lease spaces to other stores and bises. --businesses. withh so many going online, they don't need all of the space, they say and the move will save them money. well, here's a look at what's coming up tonight at 11:00. a man's body was exhumed after he said he couldn't rest in peace. and new information on the case of a woman being groped at a bus stop. and those stories and more and lynette's forecast at 11:00. as we go to break, look at i-97 and 50 outside of annapolis. folks are heading to the beach. oh, got to love it! we'll be back.
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[ thinking ]he best, another pet name?les. all right, i'm smart enough to notice that my favorite fresh-brewed mickey d's sweet tea is now on the dollar menu, so i'm smart enough for this. you're the best, too... sweet tea... pie? aww, chipmunk. [ male announcer ] sweet tea and the mcdonald's dollar menu. broaden the horizons. >> we're going to look at the temperature coming in around 85 degrees tomorrow. we're not going to be humid. that's what we're looking at. we're looking at warmer temperatures moving in as we go
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into tuesday and wednesday. it's summer same, enjoy the weekend. >> that's it for us at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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